The black stone of Najafabad is one of the oldest marbles in Iran, also known as the Black Marble of Pars. It is a black stone decorated with irregular and scattered white lines that are mostly used by engineers and architects and are used in interior design and decoration.

This stone is used in different modes, but today it is mostly produced in the form of slabs or tiles.
Najafabad’s black marble is sent raw to other countries where it is fully processed.

Applications of Black Stone in Najafabad:

The applications of this stone include the following factors:

Features of Najafabad Black Marble:


One of the most important points about this stone is that it should not be exposed to sunlight because it has little resistance and changes its color. As a result, this stone is not used in the exterior.
In addition, this stone is not recommended for cold areas. Because it has low resistance to water crystallization and therefore causes the loss of stone in a short time.

Price of Black Marble Najafabad:

The price of this stone depends on a variety of factors. The more one-handed the stone and the lower the amount of white streaks, the higher the price.
Also, the thickness and dimensions of its brushes are more accurate and effective in its price.
Cutting costs with saws (slabs) far outweily exceed the cutting costs with Berry Peak (Tile). So as a result, the quality of the slabs is higher and it also has a higher price.

Najafabad black ore quarry:

The mine is located 12 km from Najafabad city and 40 km west of Isfahan city.

Comparison between Najafabad black marble and Lashtar marble

The colored background of both of them is almost black, but the lashtar is gray with fewer white lines, but the marble background of Najafabad is quite black and has many and scattered white lines.
The strength of Najafabad stone is reduced over time and its layers are separated from the stone, but the marble lashtar has a very high strength.

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