Asman stone industries

Asman Stone Industries specializes in the production of black marble of Najafabad and orange onyx.

Black Marble of Najafabad

Najafabad black marble with a black background and irregular white lines in it, is one of the old stones of Iran and has a worldwide reputation. Najafabad black marble is processed as pulverized and leather in the dimensions of tiles and slabs in the sky stone industry. It is used in all interior spaces of the building. Najafabad black marble has low water absorption, high compressive strength and low porosity.

Orange onyx

Orange onyx is one of the metamorphic rocks composed of magnesium and calcium onyx, under pressure and temperature. Beyond a building material, this stone is a very valuable and luxurious product and is used in luxury buildings due to its high price. Orange onyx processing is used as slabs in book or quadrilateral designs.

The Orange Onyx slab has been used in indoor spaces for several years, giving a beautiful and impressive look to the space. The beauty of orange onyx is stunning in the slabs.

Asman stone industries

Manufacturer of all types of marble and travertine in Najafabad in slab and tile sizes


Najaf Abad/Imam Gharbi Street/Ardibehesht Street/Sangbari Asman