Which material is suitable for cabinets? Stone or Mdf?

One of the challenges in the interior design and construction industry is the choice between Mdf and the indoor stone of the building. In this article, we will discuss this issue. Join us.

Mdf or fiber board with density is a type of wooden panel that is popular among architects and carpenters today.

Stone has long been one of the main and most important building materials and has been used in luxury and luxurious buildings. Today, in Iran, stones are mistakenly considered to be one of the most expensive materials, while this is quite the opposite. Because of the inflation created, the price of the stone is much more suitable than mdf. In addition, the stone is superior to other materials in other respects. And its use in building and decorating its interiors is very cost effective.

Advantages of using stones instead of MDF


One of the main disadvantages of Mdf is its lack of resistance to moisture. Mdf material is such that it does not have 100% resistance to moisture and inflates if moisture or water arrives. Of course, to prevent this from happening, they put moisture-resistant coating on it, but over time or due to scratches and impacts, this coating also loses its resistance.

MDF drumming

But the stone is quite resistant to water and moisture compared to Mdf and is used in cases such as bathrooms and bathrooms that are completely in contact with water and humidity. It is noteworthy that limestones are less durable in contact with water and moisture, but in any case, it is more resistance to MDF.

Stone Toilet
Stone Toilet

Sturdy connections:

To connect the pieces of Mdf sheets together, bolts are required that over time these connections lose their strength. But the stone has high compressive strength and uses special adhesives to connect it.

The adhesive used to paste the stone has unique characteristics. This adhesive is immediately dried and does not disappear due to acid detergents, climate change, changing seasons and water penetration.

Impact on physical health:

Brain MDF has a small amount of formaldehyde that has a great impact on human health and can lead to cancer in humans. This is mostly true for people like cabinet makers or MDF cutters.
If there is a stone in the home space, it creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, stone has long been a symbol of luxuries.

Impact resistance:

Mdf is very sensitive due to impact and fracture so that if it breaks part of it due to impact, it can hardly be attached to each other and it is harder to paste again than wood and includes very high costs. If this bug does not exist in stone. The stone is resistant to impact and can be easily pasted if it breaks.

Easy cleaning

Cleaning stone cabinets is much easier than other cabinet materials. Just clean the surface with a sprinkled cloth napkin, even detergent can be used to clean it.

The use of Mdf as a cabinet material has some disadvantages, some of which are mentioned in the above contents. All of these factors make the MDF cabinet vulnerable and not possible to repair it.

We recommend you to use stone cabinets instead of Mdf cabinets. To build stone cabinets, first the structure of the cabinet is constructed with steel structures and then the stone is used for its doors, floors and walls.
The use of stone as a cabinet material increases its weight, but in proportion to its advantages in terms of strength, washing and beauty, it makes perfect sense to choose it. In addition, the price of stone cabinets in many cases becomes more suitable than MDF cabinets.

According to the above points, sky stone industries offer you to contact our experts before choosing MDF as a cabinet making material and ask them for advice on stone cabins.

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