Orange onyx is one of the metamorphic rocks composed of magnesium and calcium onyxes, under pressure and temperature. The presence of large amounts of iron oxide causes orange or yellowing of orange onyx.

Some people know orange onyx as honey onyx. But in fact, orange and honey onyx are different in color and design quality.

Orange onyx is known in the world by these names:

Orange Onyx Quarry

Iran has the most diverse and unique onyx stones in the world. The variety and color of Iranian onyx is unparalleled. Orange onyx is one of these stones. The most important mines of this opal are located in Khorasan province, Kerman, Herat, Afghanistan, as well as Italy.
In general, it can be said that the best orange onyx mines in Iran and Italy that the variety of design and color of Iranian opal mines is greater than italian stones. Also, in terms of quality, Iranian Onyx is somewhat unique in the world.
North Khorasan has a high capability in the field of decorative stones such as onyx and marble, where marble mines are concentrated in Garma and onyx mines in Bojnord.
Bojnord orange onyx is one of the most famous brands of this stone which is located in Kamar Mountain in Bojnord. The mine is a rich source of honeyed and orange onyx stones.

There are orange onyx in two undulating shapes and no waves.

Orange onyx Features:

  1. Very high density
  2. Polished and shiny surface
  3. Light passing capability
  4. Low water absorption
  5. Very good abrasion resistance
  6. High compressive strength

Application of Orange onyx:

Beyond a building material, this stone is a very valuable and luxurious product and is used in luxury buildings due to its high price.
From ancient times this opal was mainly used in pilgrimage sites and holy shrines. Nowadays, due to the high strength of orange opal stone, it is used in the following cases.

Although it is possible to use this stone in outdoor spaces, it is not recommended.

Dimensions of orange opal stone:


Orange onyx processing is used as slabs in book or quadrilateral designs.
The Orange Onyx slab has been used in indoor spaces for several years, giving a beautiful and impressive look to the space. The beauty of orange onyx is stunning in the slabs.
Due to its high price, most of them export this stone to China via Bandar Abbas. But because the cost of exports is so much increased in the future, the export of this luxurious stone may be cut off.

Orange slabs

Tiles or tiles:

Orange opal tiles are also available, which are suitable for implementing any ideas in design.
Combining orange onyx with wood and glass creates a super-modern atmosphere. This beautiful natural stone can be combined with LED lights to create an interior with a stunning look.

Sale of orange onyx:

Asman Stone Industries, as one of the few stone mills producing this stone in Iran, is responsible for the processing and specialized sale of orange onyx slabs.
For purchasing advice and more information about this stone, you can contact our specialized consultants.

How to buy orange onyx:

In-person: Go to the Asman stone sales office and buy after visiting the stones

Online shopping: Apply for online stone purchases through the site or contact us through communication routes.

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